Allison Malinsky - visual artist 

¨Throughout her career, Allison Malinsky has cultivated an airy physicality and an abstract approach to the body and landscape in her paintings. A New Hampshire-native and transplanted New Yorker, Malinsky has continued that exploration in her adopted home of Spain. A thematic focus on water, fabric, and the body remains prominent, but the light, landscape, and architecture of her new environs have increasingly informed her paintings.¨ 

--Chris Murtha, independent curator and writer. Introduction to his catalogue essay Bending Light: Allison Malinsky´s Sculptural Paintings, published in the exhibition catalogue for Proper Part of the Whole.

Upcoming Exhibitions 


2021, May

solo exhibition with Le Bath Gallery, Barcelona, Spain

Leaving the Shore, part I

2021, October

solo exhibition with Zona Franca Projects, Barcelona, Spain

Leaving the Shore part II:  Interview with the sea

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